To keep you, our family and the community safe.


Please read the following information before booking one of our sessions. 

Customers should familiarise themselves with these terms before making a purchase or booking.


Covid 19 Booking and Cancellation Policy


All vouchers must be booked and used by their expiry date.  Voucher expiry dates may be extended for a fee per person subject to availability.  Customers should be aware that all voucher purchases are being made during a time of Covid and therefore ensure they read all Terms and Conditions of the voucher before purchase.   

Postponement of Bookings 

We appreciate that a Positive Covid Test can be a last minute thing and are happy to offer an alternative date for any activities that need to be postponed.  The new activity date must still be before the expiry date of the voucher.  If you want to rebook a date beyond the expiry date of the voucher an extension fee per person will be charged.

Your voucher will be redeemed as if it has been used and we will rebook you for your new date.

Any further postponement for any reason whatsoever will not be permitted. Customers may wish to check that any travel insurance they may have, will cover this eventuality.